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Creating a Corporate Account
By creating a Corporate account, you have immediate access to your employee progress, including:

• View your user accounts, their specific study 
   history and progress
• View reports on your users as a group
• Add / Edit user accounts
• Purchase in bulk online and offline products

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How to Create an Account and Purchase Training Programs for Your Employees

To create a Corporate account, simply fill in the form to the right. Once complete, you will be automatically logged into your pirivate Corporate area where you can create accounts for your employees and view their training history.

About the Signup Code
The Signup Code will allow users to attach themselves to you when they self-register on the website.  Provide your users with the Signup Code you have identified on the right and when they self-register they will include that code in their registration process.  This will attach them to you for reporting and product granting purposes.



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