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Fall Protection Awareness

This Fall Protection Awareness online program focuses on the needs of the end-user. Additional training may be required for supervisors and/or employers to reflect their responsibilities for due diligence.

The end-user (employee, employer and contract workers) required to use "Fall Protection Equipment" MUST be trained and competent (competency determined by a written test and physical demonstration of proficiency) in it's use, care, maintenance and storage. On completion of this program the employer will be required to have their employee perform a physical demonstration of proficiency.

This program covers:

  • Introduction
  • Fall Protection Basics (OH&S Act, Regulations and Code, Why Fall - Protection, Types of Falls, Fall Distances, Fall Dynamics, Fall Planning)
  • Fall Arrest Protection Systems (Fall Arrest Systems, Horizontal Lifelines, Vertical Lifelines, Control Descent Devices, Retractable Lifelines, Control Zones, Safety Nets, Generic ‘Pre-use Inspection & Maintenance Log’)
  • Fall Protection System Components, (Anchors, D-Rings, Rope Grabs and Carabiners, Snap Hooks, Lanyards, Rebar, Lanyards, Shock Absorbers, Rescue "Y" Lanyard, Slings, Body Holding Devices - Full Body Harness (General) [ Harness types - A, D, E, L, & P]
  • Donning Full Body Harnesses [WorkVest, Vest, Cross-Over & Slip-In Styles]


Each employer should ensure that he/she is aware of any/all legislation, with respect to "Fall Protection" Regulations, which could be released by any Federal, Provincial or Territorial jurisdiction that may affect the safety of their employees with respect to potential falls.

On successful completion of this programming the participant will receive a “Certificate of Awareness".

For due diligence, the employer should have a competent person perform the appropriate physical testing to ensure the identification of system components, damaged system components, harness donning and suspension trauma exercises. 

The employer can issue a “Certificate of Proficiency”, if desired.

Fall Protection Awareness Training